This is where I live

10 Personalized front doors with plotted vinyl
Kyoto, Japan
Realisation: 2009
Commissioner: Kyoto University of Art and Design

Every other year the Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan organizes Artist Summit Kyoto. This summit considers the role and effectiveness of artists in realizing a better world. I was invited along with five other international artists to the 2009 edition of ASK. For ten days prior to the summit I worked on an individual illustration project that dealt with the estrangement city inhabitants often feel from their neighbours. In some apartment buildings, for instance, one finds little personal signs of the inhabitants that live there. To cut across this anonymity I gave inhabitants a personalized front door. Information about the inhabitants was collected through a small questionnaire posted on each door together with an example and explanation of the project. The information was converted to illustrations and compiled into a final work.