ODE’s Blushers

Fiberglass-reinforced epoxy, LED and solar cells
Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Realisation: 2012
Commissioner: City of Amsterdam

ODE’s “Blushers”- is the winner of a design competition held by the City of Amsterdam for a sustainable illuminated object on Oosterdoks Island (ODE).

Since April 2012, ODE’s Blozers have proudly sat atop a large glass elevator compartment, which accesses a bicycle parking facility. During the day they flaunt their solar-cell plumage and quietly build up a charge. When evening falls the Blozers wake up. Each Blozer has two LED spotlights that slowly come to light like eyes opening one after the other.

The Blozers’ bodies light up in white and seem to glow in the dark. When a cyclist nears the bicycle racks, the Blozers’ bodies lazily ripple through the colour spectrum, greeting the approaching cyclist with a blush. The color of these blushes changes with the seasons.