Double glazing

Crystal print on glass
Van Noordstraat 9, Amsterdam
Realisation: 2011
Commissioner: The Key
Art Advisor: Wiseguys

Commissioned by the housing foundation The Key, Abbink x de Haas Architectures renovated three buildings dating from 1901 on a distinctive corner of the Spaarndammerstraat. Studio Wessels Boer was asked to come up with a design for the windows of the middle facade, behind which stands a central staircase.

In daylight a window ordinarily acts as a mirror. At night, as interior lights switch on, the flat façade of the building changes into an animated and multi-dimensional space. Double Glazing plays with these daily transformations, as well as with the contrast of a historic façade atop a newly renovated building.

During the day the permanent print on the glass literally reflects the outlines of the modern building across the street, and confuses the viewer about what he or she is actually seeing. At night this apparent reflection reveals itself to be a print. The central staircase is now partly visible through the printed windows.