Coated lasercut steel
Houthaven Amsterdam
Realization: 2021
Commissioner: city of Amsterdam
Medewerkers: Adriana Magni, Ebrar Eke, Werner Schippers & Studio Gijs
Foto’s: Willem Sluyterman van Loo

The Houthaven is a new expansion of the Spaarndammer neigborhood. The connecting park will be located on the site of the former Spaarndammer dike.

When the IJ river was still part of the Southern sea, the Spaarndammer dike was a real dike and experienced many storms. This dike has now been excavated and disappeared as a silent witness. The last level difference is supported by a concrete earth barrier. As a reminder of the Southern sea, a 170 meter long bench in four parts, will soon be undulating on this barrier. The first part, 20 meters long, is now installed. In may the second part of 56 meters will follow, in june part three (also 56 meters) and in July the last part of 38 meters will be placed.

Each bench consists of two woven waves; one in greyblue and one in a sunny yellow/orange. Because the stripes of the rear wave are positioned slightly oblique to the front wave, an exciting color effect is created which changes when you walk or cycle along it.