Tackle me spoon

Porcelain or silver


The first edition was made of porcelain like an old doll’s arm. Since 2004 they are made from silver. Whether this little hand seems to be waving to you or to be drowning in a glass, it adds a moment of whimsy to an otherwise regular household object.


Felted merino wool, cage with bulb


My first product designed and sold in 1999 is still one of my favourites. 
The handmade felt covers the whole lamp and the electric wire, creating a kind of tail. The structure inside, which protects the bulb, resembles a skeleton. The emanating light of the bulb will gently warm you.

Wool-light Tini

Round knitted sock, flex light


Tini’s knitted sweaters give low-energy light bulbs a warm glow. The lamp has a long arm, which can bend in any direction. By unzipping the sweater you are able to replace the bulb.

Pock, a dear

Felted merino wool, LED-lamp


Kunstenaars en Co. asked me to design a small light object as a promotional gift. Pock is made of pure merino wool and felted by hand. Pock can stand alone on a table, but also hang on a wall or ceiling. When you press a button inside, Pock will transform into a glowing, colored ball. Because of its handmade material and form, no Pock is the same. That’s why Pock is a less like lamp and a bit more being.


Birch plywood and felt

This door is like a game: you can shuffle all squares and in so doing discover the spaces behind them. You can move the panels on the backside as well, creating a window if the same compartment is opened on both sides. The door handle is hidden in on of the inner spaces.


Poplar plywood, Perspex tubes, aluminum capsules

The capsule door derives from a heavy church door with big metal pins. With this work, however, the pins are removable capsules inside of which you can store things. If a capsule is left out, a hole remains to spy through. At the same time the purple Perspex inside will reflect the changing light.


Birch plywood


Birch plywood and felt

You can turn the panels and lock them horizontally to form a table. There is a drawer inside each panel where you can store things such as table linen.


Birch plywood

The door is made of separate compartments that are open on the top. They move independently from one another when opening up the door and as a group when closing.

Leg show

Ceramics, steel, wood, textiles


During a residency at the European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC), I was fascinated by the rich language of classical furniture legs and made a collection of ceramic furniture. By dividing the legs into basic elements I created a kit to dress legs in diverse ways.